Don’t Panic! Flamingo Paperie Gift Wrap Is Recyclable

There’s been lots of posts on Facebook recently with regards to gift wrap not being recyclable.

But please don’t panic my little chickens!¬†🐔

I can confirm that all Flamingo Paperie Christmas and Birthday gift wrap and tags are indeed recyclable 💚 So if you like pretty presents wrapped in super strong, quality wrap (with cutting lines) then you’re in the right place!

It is printed on ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) material. This is a technique which uses chlorine dioxide for the bleaching of wood pulp and does not use elemental chlorine gas during the bleaching process, so preventing the formation of dioxins, dioxin-like compounds and carcinogens.

Flamingo also use vegetable inks with water rather than the alcohol damping process. Individual local authorities have their own rules on what they will and will not recycle, but I can confirm that our paper is fully recyclable across the UK. Learn about our company ethics here

Here’s the official blurb from HQ…

Currently, 100% of our products are produced in the UK using UK-sourced environmentally accredited materials. As a responsible greeting card publisher, we are always working towards improving our environmental credentials.

Phew! Panic over.

Keep calm and continue shopping!

Suzannah Butcher



P.S. I also encourage you to recycle your brochures, cards and envelopes where possible. My children and I always make gift tags from our old Christmas cards and recycle the rest. Brochures are lovely to pass on to a friend when you’re finished – the more use they get, the better (plus it’s a lovely way of paying forward the Flamingo love and supporting my business at the same time).

P.P.S The gift wrap show in the image can be found on my Flamingo Paperie website

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