7 Ways to Know if You’re a Stationery Addict

My name is Suzannah and I am a stationery addict.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve confessed!

If you’re here, there’s a strong possibility you are one too.

Sadly, there is no known cure (except maybe to buy stationery) and the prognosis isn’t too bright either. It’s very likely you’ll keep buying stationery until you end up needing the fire brigade to rescue you from underneath a pile of notebooks, pens, clips, stickers and planners.

So how can you really know if you are suffering with this terrible curse?

7 ways to know if you’re a stationery addict…

  1. You keep buying new notebooks. Even though you already have at least ten at home…six of which have never been written in…and never will be. Because they’re too nice to use and you might spoil it if you write in it.
  2. You always end up in the stationery aisle at the supermarket. You popped in to get bread and tea bags and end up with a new folder and jotter pad. It’s like a strange stationery force overpowers you and leads you to that sweet-smelling aisle. Talking of smelling…
  3. You smell notebooks (and books in general). It’s OK, you aren’t the only one. This is a surprisingly common symptom of stationery addiction but one that people prefer to keep under their hats (or noses). There is something quite magical about the smell of a new notebook. It’s highly tempting, a bit odd, but very satisfying.
  4. You get a bit envious over your children’s stationery. Did I say a bit? I meant a LOT. Especially all this back to school rubbish. Pah! I joke with my kids about ‘Mummy’s Stationery Charity’ which they are welcome to donate bits and bobs to. But they NEVER do. Selfish little bugalugs.
  5. You have a good selection of pens, pencils and highlighters, and one ‘special’ pen. Heaven forbid anyone uses your special pen! I have been known to hide my fine tipped colouring in felt tips from my children. I have far too many highlighters which I’ll never use. But I just need them
  6. You buy at least one diary, planner and wall calendar every year. I have a diary for my handbag, a diary planner for my office, a wall planner for my office wall and a family calendar for the house. I think that makes me pretty organised and efficient and has NOTHING to do with stationery obsession.
  7. You own obscure stationery. Washi tape, planner stickers, scented erasers in a little box (well, hellooo Smiggle!), a colouring in book (or three), cute novelty paper clips… Need I go on. This is NOT normal guys.

So how can you best manage this addiction?

The first thing to do is admit you have a problem. Next, make sure you are around like-minded folk who you can talk to – they’ll ensure you make sensible buying decisions (or maybe not…) and will support you when Paperchase have sold out of your favourite notebook.

Finally, be assured you are not alone. We can fight this, together.

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Suzannah x


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