Suzannah’s November News – New Puppy!

First of all, Happy November 5th!

Skylar the Border CollieIt’s our dog Skylar’s first Bonfire Night, so we’ll be home with her – fingers crossed she doesn’t find the fireworks too distressing. She’s a 5 month old border collie and has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Isn’t she a cutie?

You can follow her on Instagram should you wish to keep updated on her adventures!

Secondly, without wanting to stress you out too much 🙈, it’s only 25 days until December the 1st!

Which means there are only 20 days or so to order your Flamingo Paperie advents so they arrive in good time – eeep!

The good news is all the advents are currently in stock.

The bad news is the most popular designs will sell out before the end of the season.

I can tell you that Reindeer Party Advent Calendar card is in the top 10 bestsellers so far, along with Winter Village advent calendar.

Whichever advent you choose, you can be assured it will be received with pure delight 🙂

Stressed Mum Blog

Mentioned by Stressed Mum!

Our advent calendars have caught the eye of a popular mummy blogger, Sam, who blogs at

Take a look and see what she has to say about Flamingo Paperie advents:

And remember to head over to my website to place your order.

Stock Update

Some of the charity Christmas card designs are being reprinted and will be back in stock very soon.

Flamingo Paperie - Snowy Dog Charity Christmas CardSome cards are showing as ‘Out of Stock’ on the website (such as Little Snowy here) but please be assured most cards will be available and back on the website over the next few days.

If there’s a particular design you love, please order soon as I can’t guarantee late availability.


Shhhhh but there will soon be a very new type of card available. I can’t say too much but I can say they are GORGEOUS…and how can I put it…they add a new dimension to greeting cards…

More news soon – remember to join my exclusive mailing list for all the latest news hot off the flamingo press.

Suzannah x

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