International Wholesale Opportunity

Are you looking to purchase Flamingo Paperie cards from outside of the UK? You could buy at wholesale price and sell in your own country!

Flamingo Paperie have just launched their International Business Customer (IBC) Programme which is wonderful news for anyone wishing to sell the cards in countries where they don’t currently operate (UK, Australia, New Zealand, France).

If you love the products and know that your friends, family and others would love them too, this is an amazing opportunity for you. You can even become an IBC if you run an existing business, such as a gift shop.

You can sell to friends, via markets, shops and online in your own country.

You would not be a classed as a partner, so wouldn’t be able to recruit team members or receive some of the partner benefits, but you would be able to keep the profit of anything that you sell, which could make you a very nice additional income!

How to get started as an International Business Customer…

  1. Contact me in the first instance
  2. I’ll send you more info, a registration form and price list
  3. Email the form back to Flamingo HQ
  4. You’ll get your own personal ID number and will be able to order online at wholesale prices
  5. You pay carriage which is calculated automatically as you order
  6. You are then free to sell the cards wherever you like!

This is a really exciting development and I can’t wait to hear about how you plan to sell Flamingo Paperie cards in your own country.

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