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I’ve been an Independent Partner at Flamingo Paperie since it launched in September 2017. I live in sunny Torbay, Devon with my husband and two children.

I started out in business with Phoenix Trading back in 2008 because a lovely friend of mine always sent me Phoenix cards. Keen to know where she bought them, I went on the website and discovered that I could sell the cards too. I had a good think about joining, reasoned that if I couldn’t manage to sell the cards, I could always keep them for myself and not lose anything…and the rest is history!

When I heard the news that Phoenix were closing the business, I was obviously keen to jump on board as an Independent Partner with Flamingo Paperie. I have complete respect for the ethos of this amazing company. Knowing that our most successful trader ever (Stuart Millar) was going to help run the new business was a real bonus too. I love the fact they are still offering the same beautiful products and remain supportive to their charitable causes via The Phoenix International Charity.

Most of my business takes place online nowadays, although I used to run home parties and attend events. Being online is much more suited to me and my family – as a busy mum of two and carer to my husband who has Cystic Fibrosis, I’m always on the go! I LOVE online business and in addition to this business, I run a national jobs website and encourage mind wellness for business owners.

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